St. Anthony’s Business Park, Ballymount Road, Dublin 22, Ireland.
+353 (0)1 4123456 Text Line +353 (0)89 4672000 Listen Live Line +353 (0)1 4373277

How to listen

Ireland-based listeners:"Away from the radio or internet? You can listen live to Radio Maria Ireland by calling 01 437 3277 from any phone. Calls have no additional cost and are charged at the standard rate per minute. If your package with your telephone provider automatically includes all local and national calls, this will incur no cost to you. Please save the number in your phone -- 01 437 3277."

US-based listeners:

"If you have friends and family in the US who enjoy staying in touch with home, tell them they can call (712) 775 8288 and listen to Radio Maria Ireland from any mobile phone. The best part is that there's no extra cost for the call when it originates from the US!"

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Radio Maria Ireland operates as a not-for-profit, non-commercial, radio station (currently available only on the internet or by mobile phone app). Our goal in the near future is to expand our broadcasting capabilities through DAB (digital radio), cable and satellite. This will allow listeners to tune in on DAB radio receivers and on the radio channels on TV sets.


How can I receive Radio Maria?

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You can listen to Radio Maria live, on the internet here, or on the ‘World Family of Radio Maria’ apps for smartphones (for Apple, Android and tablet devices). The ‘World Family of Radio Maria’ app is available from the App Store (Apple devices) or from the ‘Google Play’ store. Go to > Download our App Section


Podcasts of previous programmes can be downloaded in our Podcast section.

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